• Dashboard - View
    a. Messages – Lists all internal messages
    b. Events – major events for the next 7 days are listed
    c. Birthday – next 30 days birthday list for the scouts
    d. Announcement – troop announcements with attachments
    e. Notices – for the troop
    f. Camp/Field Trips – lists trips with cost, leader and online sign-up sheet
  • Scout roster - View
    a. Full contact details with parents/guardian details – also presents Rank with badges, dues and scrapbook for each scout.
    b. Group list – Can easy classify the scouts/parents into different groups and these can be customized – added and edited
    c. Profession/Skill – custom item with additional and edits possible
    d. Login – gives special login privileges.
    e. Password change – user can change their password at any time.
  • Scheduler -  View
    a. Calendar – show a month/week/day calendar display
    b. Tasks/Add Task – internal tasks can be sent/viewed
    c. Events/Event Chart/Add events – Easy updates and feedback
    d. Appointments – manages new appointments easily
    e. Year Planner – manages events for the whole year
  • Email - 
    a. Send Email – easy email sending by name/groups with email type. Email templates can be created for easy pull down.
    b. Email History – show the history of emails sent.
    c. Email Receipt – show the details about the email receipt report and other email status.
  • Album -  View
    a. Album – pictures can be uploaded by each scout/family/adm and can put names/description. Easy picture edit and download so pictures can be shared within the system.
    b. Add Album – New albums and pictures can be added.
  • Reports -  View
    a. Scout report – many view options that can be printed/emailed.
    b. Birthday report – month-wise scout birthday lists.
    c. Attendance Report–shows attendance reports date-wise.
    d. Page Notes – notes reports for each page of the portal.
  • Announcement -  View
    a. Create Announcement - create new with attachments that can be saved. Easy email feature.
    b. Scout Notices – internal notices can be created and updated.
    c. Email templates – add and edit templates for future use. Emails could be public or private.
    d. Signature formats can be saved.
  • Troop Docs -  View
    a. Forms – add and update fillable forms. These can be saved for future use.
    b. Outing/Add – maintains a history of all past outings. Gives list, parents in charge names, cost and online attendance feature for easy management.
    c. Links/Add – Popular scouting links can be added and viewed.
    d. Documents/Add – troop docs can be uploaded by the admin for all to view.
    e. Resources – shows internal leadership job titles, description and badges for reference.
  • Attendance -  View
    a. Scout Attendance – Easy attendance sheet. Names are dynamically updated.
  • Page notes – Each page in the portal has the page notes for the user to add for either self or for the entire troop.
  • Admin -  View
    a. Troop Profile – Edits of the address.
    b. Scout access/Login – access privileges
    c. Admin Emails – access.
    d. Form Letters upload – admin to manage forms/letters
    e. Inventory – easy troop inventory updates with picture and value.
    f. Notes – troop notes for reference.
    g. Ranks/Add – all these can be updates for easy pull-down.
    h. Dues – Easy scout payments management and receipt updates to manage dues and balances easily.
    i. Resources – Job titles and descriptions can be added and edited here.